Fix security risks before attackers find them.

HullForge is the all-in-one cybersecurity monitoring and detection system created for cybersecurity & IT professionals.

"One of the more high-profile tools that we use." —Early Access Customer

Avoid costly attacks by identifying security exposures.

HullForge is designed to identify weaknesses that attackers are constantly looking to exploit.
Founded by a cybersecurity veteran who has successfully defended dozens of high-value targets from The White House to DARPA to companies in every industry. This tool is built by defenders for defenders.

Easy To Use

Designed with simplicity in mind to highlight and prioritize the most critical exposures rather than generate hundreds of pages of “critical” findings.

Continuous Updates

Consolidates core monitoring and detection capabilities of custom, open source, and commercial tools, expanding that list as new attacks and vulnerabilities come to light.

Vulnerability Vision

Higher priority risks are ranked by security threat potential and updated automatically.

Painless Setup

Completely agentless and discovers internet-facing infrastructure through domain names and network ranges.

Feature detail:

  • Leverage a curated list of critical software vulnerabilities with few false positives

  • Monitor websites for malicious JavaScript, including Magecart-style credit card skimmers and Crypomining

  • Find risky configurations such as exposed admin pages, subdomain takeovers, and open S3 buckets

  • Monitor public GitHub repos for exposed secrets or unintentionally exposed private repositories

  • Monitor certificate transparency logs for indicators of shadow IT

  • Get ahead of bug bounty reports and security rating services

  • Monitor changes to WHOIS and DNS records across your domains

  • Find newly registered domain variations that attackers may be planning to use for typosquatting or phishing

  • Continuously scan external networks for new or risky open TCP/UDP ports and services

  • Collect and analyze DMARC reports for early indications of phishing attacks

  • Monitor for invalid SPF and DMARC records

"HullForge has become one of the more high-profile tools that we use to detect the sort of issues that have plagued us in the past."

—Early Access Customer

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